martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

#higienedemanos / #handhygiene

Después de ver tweets españoles, pasamos a ver en estos día algunos mensajes aparecidos con el hastaag / #Handhygiene. Hoy toca: Wash your hands, please! #handhygiene

Empezamos por la OMS/WHO

@Chertorivski Desde 1999, la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) realiza el 5 de mayo la jornada mundial "Salva vidas: Lávate las manos" #HandHygiene

@JATetro It is @WHO SAVE LIVES Day! Celebrate by learning, sharing and having fun! My latest #blog post: Happy #handhygiene Day!

@JATetro It's WHO's Clean Your Hands Day! Celebrate by learning, sharing & having fun! My #blog post has more: #handhygiene

@WHO Best way to hand rub? Here’s how: #HandHygiene

@WHO Alcohol-based handrub is the most effective, easiest method for good#HandHygiene during health-care delivery

@WHO Many of the germs causing infections in hospitals are transferred by hands, when people touch patients #HandHygiene

Seguimos con algunos consejos: 

@SSalud_m Conoce los cinco momentos para la higiene de las manos en la atención hospitalaria #LavateManos #HandHygiene

@SSalud_mx Hoy 5 de mayo nos unimos a la campaña mundial "Salva vidas: lávate las manos" de la OMS @WHO #HandHygiene#LavateManos

@SSalud_mx Momentos para el lavado de manos en la atención en casa, póster para quienes cuidan pacientes #HandHygiene #LavateManos

Avanzamos con algunas acciones:

@USAFHealth We talked about #handhygiene during our 1st Twitter Chat. Our next chat will be May 24 at 3 pm ET. Subject: wound care. ^TD
@MadAboutMicro Canada's Hand Hygiene e-learning module (FREE) #handhygiene

@Mighty_Bubble It's Free Comic Book Day & #Handhygiene Day! You can download my#handwashing superhero comic free at TKs to @wilw

@pnud_es Lavarse las manos ¿por qué, cómo, cuándo? @who @pahowho #HandHygiene

@pilidorita El lavado de manos que se pudo cargar una película

@DHgovuk Today is @WHO Hand Hygiene Day – Save lives, clean your hands! Read more: #HandHygiene

@Patient_Safety @cbchealth Hospital hand washing in N.S. to be measured #ptsafety #handhygiene

@Patient_Safety Remember to join us on Facebook during #STOPCleanYourHandsDay for interactive activities on May 7 #handhygiene -

@Patient_Safety Join us today for the Coach's Corner on #Handhygiene. Ask the leaders in hand hygiene about improvement ideas -

@sinaa23RT DebMedProgram: @Colpittsb Thx for the follow and please check out this #who #handhygiene #rap #video

@HeartSafeEMS Merci! "@Deb_Canada: @HeartSafeEMS thanks for the #handhygienefollow!"

@Patient_Safety Join us tomorrow for the #Handhygiene Coach's Corner offering improvement ideas for on Hand Hygiene #ptsafety -

@sinaa23RT DebMedProgram: @TriZetto Thx for the follow TriZetto and please check out this #who #handhygiene #rap #video

@SchoolCouncils Here's a shout-out for the subject of #HandHygiene We have examples of where good #HandHygiene boosted school attendances.

@EnviroWeezy Adding a hand hygiene 2 a #workplacewellness program can reduce absenteeism due 2 illness in a facility #handhygiene

@JATetro UMF, eh? RT @beckersquality: UMF Corporation: Without Environmental Hygiene, #HandHygiene Programs Would Fall Short in

@Colpittsb Do you know the risk factors of not including #handhygiene as part of your#workplacewellness? WW can help!

@JATetro RT @FN_Press: Without Environmental Hygiene, #HandHygienePrograms Fall Short in Reducing HAIs in Hospital...

@EmmaBurnettx The WHO 5 Moments rap by @DebMedProgram #handhygiene#infectionprevention

@Mighty_Bubble RT @ChandlerRegiona: Wash your hands! Hygeine is the best way to prevent illness and infections. #phxnews #handhygiene

@Deb_Canada #IFIC run walk 2012 is coming and its a great way to help support#handhygiene and #infectionprevention http://on.

@Colpittsb The health of your body starts with the health of your hands. Practice good#handhygiene

@Colpittsb Don't let the abuse of a few stop you from implementing a #handhygieneprogram- your #workplacewellness depends on it!

@JATetro RT @saukcohealth: #Handhygiene is a simple thing and it's the best way to prevent infection and illness.

@Mighty_Bubble RT @Colpittsb Teaching ur kids #lifeskill of #handhygiene is not only 4 teachers- lead by example & keep ur hands clean

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